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Snarky's Machine


Daily dose of hooker boot feminism, snark, pop culture and cinema.



Squishy is an online zine/journal that follows one comedy writer/performer through Austin, TX. She spills it all: sex, family, cat puke, tits, theatre... updates almost daily.

Stark Raving Madeleine


Just a girl in a world gone mad. Speaker, filmmaker, motorcycle riding ballerina, currently producing a docu-series on women who live lives of adventure and filming a documentary on professional female skateboarders.

Sylphiend's Primordial Blog


"An ecclestic, insightful, humorous, breezy little page catering to the whims of its author." contents: rants, life, pop culture, feminism, cheesy pics, etc.

That Austin Girl


That Austin Girl is a blog about the deliciously creative city of Austin, TX, plus commentary on music, TOYS, fashion/style, food, and sometimes movies. I like to tell stories too, which I've noticed all have a running theme of my own public embarrassmen ...

The Dizzy Fizz


A blog covering cocktail culture in NYC, one sip at a time. News and features for both casual imbibers and liquor connoisseurs alike. Cheers!

The Gritty and The Pretty


Vanity, Vices, & Culture. Pretty is the new smart, snark is the grit.

The Musings of Ondo Lady


Welcome to my musings on global pop culture where I explore the wonderful world of fashion, books, films, TV and magazines.

This Coast


We evaluate music like you evaluate the latest fashion trends. Our summer collection consists of the latest film and music festivals, complete with a roundup of the best television shows to watch starting in the fall. We use words to emphasize what we lik ...

Today at BadGalsRadio


a feature blog, with a twist. BadGalsRadio is our Main Blog and here on Today at BadGalsRadio; we step to the side, with a daily twist, on reality.

Verbose Coma - Culture Gone to Brunch


A New York City based magazine blog covering all realms of culture, entertainment, arts and travel, with some healthy ranting in between.

Yes Ma'am


Yes Ma’am is a blog that covers women and men in comics, books, music, film, and other artistic areas. It also focuses on feminist issues and other important political topics.