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A film and pop culture blog that mostly discusses horror, cult, and classic films. Home to Feminist Horror Friday!



Slapping You With Kitsch — As Often As Possible. Specializing In Bad Taste From A (Feminist) Chick’s Perspective. Pop Culture Right In Your Kisser.

KLQ - News Wrestling & Triple H


Anything and Everything about the Cerebral Assassin - Triple H. News on Professional Wrestling and the Independent Circuit.



We complain so you don't have to. Laugh-out-loud daily rants from two New York City broads who know a thing or two about life, relationships, humor, politics, celebrity-ism and the occasional heartfelt tidbit.

Lavish Magazine


Lavish is the fashion, beauty, and cultural manual for the femalestreet sophisticate.

Loud-O-Rama Magazine


Your daily dose of hot tips, tricks, culture and the latest trends!



Bringing a fresh approach to entertainment journalism, Moniqueblog analyzes movies, cartoons, and comics and how they reflect American culture and teach about different lifestyles, cultures, and different points of view.

Mostly True Stories


Somewhat authentic tales from labor and delivery, catering, school, and the bathroom.

Mrs. Mogul


A New York gal's daily account of keeping sane while living in London. Coffee or tea?

My "G" Spot


Web blog for all of those who are passionate about feminism culture

My Pregnancy Gossip


For 18+ Readers only please: I am a Young Author & established internet artist, now a soon to be Mommy! Read my rants & raves, my non-stop thoughts & Insanity. My Daily living is now an open book.



Pop Culture University(PCU)smears the defined boundaries separating academia and americana, giving you a scholarly guide to all things popular culture and finally putting a little excitement into the whole school ordeal.

Pink Lemonade Diva


I've been told that in order to be happy you need to have 1 of 2 things going for you: your personal life or your work life. I'm a 20-something who discovers, experiences and always juggles, these two landscapes through new eyes every single day. It's not ...

Quoting Docs


I love documentary films and spend time watching them online at the sites listed on my blog. Although I don't always remember what they said, I always remember how they made me feel. Now, I have a bit of glue : these quotes, my collected souvenirs.

Seriously McMillan's She So Ghetto


Don't be so "ghetto"! Lessons in modern manners and etiquette. Trashy Girls With Bad Behavior...I am calling you out! Plus, commentary on the weird, wild and wacky.

shana ting lipton .com


Shana Ting Lipton is a Los Angeles based arts & style writer who covers utopian, spiritual and techy subjects like bio-art, bohemian parties, MOBlogging, etc. bringing general weirdoness to the mainstream...



Angry Black Girl From Dallas. Love politics, music, culture, and discussions on race.



The Ramblings of Two Concert Goers with A Slice of Drunken Slurr. +With music news and reviews, concert info. and the latest info. about you're favourite rockstar.