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An Immense Sombrero


A film blog focused on cult, horror, and classic films.

Beta Girl Blog


Beta Girl is On the Trail of the Alpha Male! Get it? Beta Girl..Alpha Male...Hell yes! We tackle everything that a Beta Girl loves...Celebrity Gossip, Film and Book Reviews, plenty of Girl Talk...and of course those good old fashioned honest to goodness ...



Two goils (Ali-ers and Akeelers) blog about unhealthy celeb obsessions, the evils of the Republican party, music, literature and kitty cats.

Celebrity Moms and Dads


A celebrity gossip blog dedicated to famous moms and dads.

Chloé Van Paris


Trends - Fashion- Pin-Up and 40's Hollywood Glamour Lover. I am French, living in Paris and writing in english. Working as a music Selector during the day. Writing about Arts & Fashion during the night. I write my retro-Nouveau blog. Searching ev ...

Constant Cravings Blog


A design + inspiration blog dreamed up by a pragmatic visionary who balances eyes-to-the-sky ideas of grandeur with down-to-earth practicality. Leigh, a trend researcher + theater director + creative gal Friday, has been described by her mentor as a creat ...

Della Donna: a webzine for women


A webzine that celebrates what women feel and have to say. Includes artwork, anecdotes, poetry, and writings on politics, health/beauty, spirituality and more.

Deviant Dish With Lilith


A Nasty Little Site From a Naughty Little Lady. Nothing is Sacred. No one is Spared. Celebrity Gossip, Pop Culture, Deviations.



It's all about me. Read my dailymatic weblog for cool links, dorky observations and more.

Fabyuhluhs - The Every Girl Chic Blogzine + Lifecast + ...


Published daily, Fabyuhluhs is the every girl chic blogzine, lifecasts and social network founded in January ‘09 by a group of creative, energetic and diverse young women. Just like you, we’re the real life Blair Waldorfs, Bella Swans and Herm ...

Fashion Puppets


Ever since I could read I’ve been reading magazines, but I’m starting to understand that all beauty magazines seem to assume that I’m an idiot and that all news magazines seem to assume that I’m a man. I’m neither, so I have decided to write for myself.

Fear Street


Recapping the Fear Street series by R.L. Stine. In my younger years, I read these things with the sweaty-palmed fervor of an asylum patient. That didn't really make any sense, but my point is CHECK OUT THE BLOG. I'm making fun of creepy, dry-lipped teenag ...

Feline Warrior


One woman's observations -political, cultural, and otherwise- of the world around her. Sometimes humorous, sometimes cranky, and sometimes deeply thoughtful musings about the world at large. And other such stuff.



cool things involved such as photographs, tumblr taken images and my overtone commentary on life

Fever 2 Tell


Feminist humor, pop culture, politics and snark.



A pro-girl news and pop culture blog where readers discuss women's issues, politics, sex and relationships, music, art, books and more.

Get your geek on Indoor Boys!


From artists and musicians to engineers and economists, Indoor Boys is your fix for smart, sexy boys. Scintillating pictures, fascinating individuals. These boys talk about their passions and fuel ours. Seriously smart, seriously sexy. Welcome to Indoor ...

Grey Squad!


Detective Janet Moore from the elite Green Squad is transferred to Grey Squad: a sleepy, out of the way precinct where old cops wait to retire and the most notorious criminal is an unrepentant jaywalker. Most of the old timers of Grey Squad are suspiciou ...

Hello Adorable


A daily blog full of adorable people, places, and things to wear, buy, make or just be amused by!