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Modern Bluestocking


Feminist blogger based in London, writing and ranting about issues close to her heart.

Momma Politico


Politico trapped in a working mom's body, Perry shoots her liberal views into the blogosphere as a springboard for readers' opinions. Enjoy politics and want to have your say? Click on Momma Politico and join the conversation!

My "G" Spot


It's a feminist web blog that I have that allows all women to come visit and enjoy. Our talented authurs write about Pro Choice, feminist events, women's health & safety and more; it provide a welcome place to come, stay a while and leave as they please. ...

OC Hairball


Photostories and stuff from Orange County.

One Woman Army


Feminist theory juxtaposes with personal activism. The personal is political for this One Woman Army. A grad student on the East Coast of Canada takes on the patriarchy. Can one woman really save the world?

Pretty Politico


Boho Blogging and Bantering about Beauty and Politics: Blurring the Lines Between Citizen and Expatriate

Progress on the Prairie


A blog about progressive politics, art, culture, feminism, sexy time, diversity, fun, morality, nothing, everything, you and me, etc. from right smack-dab in the middle of America. TULSA, OKLAHOMA!



Musings on politics, law, culture and motherhood from a political mom.

South Side Star


An e-lounge live via satellite from Chicago. Serving mental martinis shaken, not stirred. Jabbing the swizzle stick at international politics, pop culture and sundry characters in my neighborhood.

Spare Candy


Spare Candy is feminist and politically liberal. Probably in that order. Thoughts and rants welcome.

The Activista


I publish The Activista independently in an effort to provide feminists with easy access to varied news, images, and pop culture critique. I also editorialize through The Activista. The blog is a ranking blog in the 'feminist' category of tumblr.

This is What a Feminist Blogs Like


This blog chronicles my thoughts as I return to feminism after having a falling out with the movement. I discuss politics, health, literature, and get introspective from time to time.

Wendy Jane's Soul Shake


blog that deals with my humorous obsession with race. Follow my quest to connect across color lines.

Why We Need Female Spiritual Leaders


Catholic priest Roy Bourgeois is facing excommunication because of he’s been agitating for the ordination of women. Here's why women are necessary at the top ranks of all religions.

Woman in Control


Feminist Viewpoint- observations, responses, opinion dealing with female, feminine and feminist related issues. Parenting, working, and random speculation.