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The world wont change until activism is at least as fun as watching TV... Luckily activism, creativity, spirituality and other amazing things can be and should be delightful. They can also be your way to unwind... maybe get inspired by reading an excellent magazine... one that fuels the things that fulfill you? We believe that any real change comes as the result of both profound honesty and radical imagination. We'd rather be truthful than polished. We recognize that any meaningful truth telling requires a willingness to envision solutions. We embrace pragmatism paired with vision whimsy with guts and heart compassion with wisdom fierceness with vulnerability. We believe that any system that benefits some by harming others must be abolished. we believe (to use bell hooks' phrase) in ending white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. We heart intersectionality and don't buy gender essentialism. We believe that we are all in this together so we strive for ally ship. We affirm the rights of individuals to make the best, least harmful choices for themselves while acknowledging that no one exists in a vacuum and that institutional oppression must be dismantled before true freedom can exist for everyone. We reject violence, the prioritizing of money over life, and the idea that domination equals power. we know we can enact change and be happy people- there are much more exciting and creative feminisms, activisms, and ways of being than the mass media regularly presents to us (especially media targeted at women) AND, of course our revolution has dance parties, cake, accessories, laughter, ears, and room for all of our complete, whole selves. (oh and Katy's also has vodka) EdgyHer strives to put our values in action by: 1) finding funding and advertisements from resources that do not conflict with the above mentioned values 2) fostering nonviolent communication and genuine dialogue- acknowledging that sometimes disagreements are an excellent way to open each other's eyes and minds, and fighting can be funny and productive- you just have to be willing to look into what is fueling your anger and why it has that power. 3) filling our magazine with smart, honest, interesting work informed by legit beliefs 4) knowing that we'll sometimes get it wrong, make mistakes, screw up, and that these failings are our opportunity to learn, the opportunity for all of us to figure out how to work together as the imperfect humans we are.