For the first 18 years of my life, I lived in South Florida (What’s up, Boca Raton?). Every now and then, I’ll come back home to visit my parents, drive by the ocean with all the windows in my car down, and wonder, “Why did I ever leave?” I think about how pleasant South Florida is, especially in contrast to the harsh winters the north is wont to bring. My questions are quickly answered when news like this hits, and I’m reminded, “Oh, yeah! Florida is totally and completely insane!”

Florida held its primary reelections last night, and incumbent Cliff Stearns (R-FL) has lost to tea partier Ted Yoho, whose last name strikes me as the love child between Yoohoo, that awful-slash-weird chocolate-water drink, and #YOLO. Stearns and Yoho have super similar (read: super conservative) views on just about everything across the board. However, Stearns is most well-known for his high profile attacks on Planned Parenthood, so it is worth recognizing that, even though my fine state has elected a tea partier to represent them, they don’t just hear the words “pro-life” and cast their ballot. I’m not sure that really constitutes as a silver lining, though. 

Image via CliffStears.net



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