Pat Robertson Blames You for Your Husband’s Infidelity, Sounds Legit

Get out your brooms and aprons, ladies. TV personality Pat Robertson has some truly old-fashioned advice on how to get over your husband’s infidelity, and a part of it requires good housekeeping.

In a recent episode of his show The 700 Club, Robertson’s advice to a female viewer distressed about her cheating husband was to let it go, because, “well, he’s a man.” He also suggests that she should look into why she married him in the first place, suggesting that a man is worth keeping so long as he’s a good provider and “handsome.” Then Robertson goes on to tell the woman that it’s her responsibility to make the home so “wonderful” that her husband will never feel the need to stray. I’m genuinely concerned that this man thinks he’s giving advice to Betty Draper circa 1963.

Ultimately what’s the most troubling is that his advice has its roots in a boys-will-be-boys mentality. It accepts the idea that men, overall, are just wandering penises that can’t help themselves. Can we PLEASE give enough credit to the male gender, and to humans in general, that they can make their own decisions regarding whether or not to cheat? And more importantly, not condone any of this bullshit?

You can watch the original video below. Try not to pull your hair out in frustration while watching.

Original article via NY Mag

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