Party People! Check These Pics From Our Issue Release Fiesta

Last week's parties were an absolute blast! Our sexy V-Day crafting party at Babeland Soho was packed to the gills, and over 75 people danced, drank, crafted, and snacked the night away at our Love & Sex Issue release party at Bar Matchless.

Thanks again to DJ Ali, the crafty gals of Tatty Devine, and our sponsor Pretzel Crisps for providing us with a pretzel and dip bar to keep us going throughout the night.

We can't wait for the next par-tay...but in the meantime, enjoy these party pics by photog extraordinaire Sarja Hasan.

Some BUST fans gettin' down with Jason.

Senior Designer Lan chats it up.

Could you die for Harriet's rainbow bangs? I sure could.

Dramatic crafting!

Best dancer of the night.

...and some close runners-up.

Creative Director Laurie and Crafty Lady Callie!


Happy crafters!

Intern Kari rockin' her heart brooch.

DJ Ali was ah-maze.

Say it with me now: Awwwww.

Marketing Co-Director (and official BUST Dude) Christian

BUST Staff gets a-craftin'.


Thanks again to everybody who came by! We love you, BUSTies!


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