The Best April Fools Pranks on The Internet

by Meghan Sara


It takes a lot to fool me on April Fool’s Day. Maybe that’s because my natural existence is one of skepticism. My spirit animal is a Boston Crème Donut of disbelief, with a light icing of sarcasm and a saccharine cream filling of irony.

Therefore, you know I mean it when I say that these people got me GOOD. Like, got so good I’m not even mad I got gotted!  Let’s have a look:


Netflix / John Stamos

Netflix Stamos screenshot

Sure, Netflix is great, but is it as great as John Stamos? Today, and today only, you won’t have to choose! The presence of Stamos can be felt all over your Netflix account. Why isn’t this a regular setting, Netflix? As Uncle Jesse would say, “have mercy!”

Have Mercy Stamos Gif



Pornhubs April Fools Day Joke

So if (did I say “if”? I meant “when”) you happened to visit Pornhub today, you may have noticed their corny joke.  CORNY!  CORN!  It’s all about corn.  Everything corn.  This makes me so shucking happy.

popcorn dynamite

Gmail Drops the Mic

Mic drop gif

So everybody liked the Google “mic drop” prank! No, April Fool’s, they HATED IT. The joke was so short-lived, I had to read about it on The Guardian after they took it down.  So, apparently, Gmail added a new button on their emails: as an alternative to their usual “SEND” button, emailers could choose to “SEND + mic drop.” Well, then everybody decided to conclude business emails with a mic drop and we all lost our jobs. NOT FUNNY GOOGLE.

The New York Times Crossword

New York Times Crossword

Never one to shy away from a hearty guffaw, the New York Times orchestrated a droll little caper of their own!  Do you see it?  Right there!  The answer to yesterday’s puzzle spelled out “Due to budget cuts, the New York Times crossword puzzle will end tomorrow!”  Isn’t that so dreadfully amuuuusing?  Oh, I do hope you didn’t chuckle so vigorously that you dropped your monocle into your tea. image via Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword

Trader Joe Broke A Million Hearts…Or Did He?!

Trader Joes Closing announcement

My Facebook feed BLEW UP yesterday when a story appeared on Yahoo! Style announcing the closure of all Trader Joe’s stores by 2017. Visions of soy chorizo and salsa verde flashed before my eyes as I fainted away. I was revived breathing into an empty Joe’s bag and sucking on a Black Bean & Cheese Taquito (mmmmm…).  And Joe wasn’t happy either! Alison Mochizuki, Trader Joe’s public relations director, released an official statement to WHO-HD putting out the fires: “Trader Joe’s is open for business and has no plans to close. We had no involvement whatsoever in the April Fool’s hoax article.”  The prank article was posted by a Yahoo! partner, Spoon University, and removed quickly.  Well, I’m pissed.  THis was NOT FUNNY.  I am suing Yahoo! for emotional distress because of their very-not-funny April Fool’s joke!  Yahoo!, please note that I would be willing to settle out of court for a lifetime supply of Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Mini Cupcakes, Scandinavian Swimmers, and Sour Cream & Onion Corn Puffs.  Have your people call my people.


So aside from all your Facebook friends getting engaged/pregnant/divorced, what was the best April Fool’s prank YOU’VE seen all day?  We have to give honorable mentions to Jamba Juice, Seth Myers, and Elmo for their social media posts as well:


Jamba Juice Ghost Pepper Smoothie

Seth Meyers April Fools Day

Elmo April Fools Tweet


Like Elmo says, tomorrow everything goes back to normal, but you’ve still got a few more hours of trickery ahead!  Stay vigilant out there, everyone!


Fry suspicious gif

lead image via Andy Field on flickr


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