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Hi, I'm Eva. Welcome to my online store! I hope you enjoy browsing through my unique collection of handmade, one-of-a-kind fused glass jewelry and accessories!

Feed A Model


“Feed a Model” is a group of model/ artists dedicated to fashion, art, and inspiring others to find or stumble upon their inner creativity. We started as four models hailing from four different cities. Joined by a common profession, we became ...

Female Urban Arts Collective


A female urban arts collective that hosts some of the top women artists in the world today.



The original online gallery/collective for provocative and political female artists

Free Milk Press


Free Milk Press creates handmade books, postcards and publishes photography books. Includes an art gallery and picture of the day.

Gallery of Erotic Art


Blue Ruin Gallery specializies exclusively in erotic art. It is a woman-owned gallery that provides a forum for the expression of the erotic through the fine arts and photography. Although located in Pittsburgh, exhibiting artists are from all over the Un ...

Gemini Is Like Monkey-Finger Power Art by Vantiani


Indonesian batik scraps. Old comics. Wallpapers. Origami papers. Local stamps. Hand drawing. Foreign magazines or books. Colourful. Chaotic. Dark. Passionate and restless, feminine and gutsy. That's mostly my art is all about.

Gemini Moon Mosaics


Unique, retro inspired mosaics & mixed media art. Created using vintage plates, tile, jewelry and a variety of unusual found objects. A tribute to the dinnerware of the 60's and 70's. Super groovy and Mrs. Brady approved.



Colorful paintings & caffeinated drawings.

groovy apple for the jet set!!!


mika "apple" suzuki is a groovy illustrator live in TOKYO. You can fell the groovy world such 60's,70's and more. Let's access and do the monkey!

Guerrilla Girls: Facts, Humor, and Fake Fur


art and theater icons work for a feminist revolution in the arts world to get respect and agknowledgment of women's achievments while wearing guerrilla masks

Hand painted Silk Scarves and Wall Hangings


Hand made Art on Silk scarves and Wall hangings

hartz studio


heather hartz - an artist of many trades



It's really quite simple. To inspire ourselves to showcase our inner creativity through a wealth of information about fashion and art that we love, our mamas love and the fellas love. Honey-dipped of course.

I art a day


The not quite daily place for art, ideas, photographs, opinions, sketches & experiences.

I Wish I Could Show You


Video confessions, love letters and fleeting moments. Got something to say? We want your mobile (cell phone videos). Supported by the Next Wave Festival.