ArtXX Magazine

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Art XX is an intervention and a fresh reaction to the often elitist world of art magazines that continues to ignore female, queer, trans, outsider, and non-white artists. In our quest to fill quite a large gap in the art publication business, we are attempting to create a magazine that will inform our audience about new and revolutionary ideas in art, expose our readers to a variety of mediums, and allow the artists to speak for and about their work. Started in early 2008, ArtXX is the militant love child of three working artists. We do bi-annual limited print runs, we are self-produced, self- distributed, community funded, and we consider each copy of Art XX to be a work of art in itself. Our goals are three-fold: to improve the visibility of a group of artists who are significantly marginalized on the basis of their gender and/or sexuality, to be a source of documentation for the legitimacy and ingenuitive creativity of this group, and to serve as a space of free artistic expression and a vehicle for social change through the avenue of independent media. ArtXX strives to serve as a documentation and reference of and for artists, who despite and because of their circumstances, have developed their own performative, visual, written, analytical, and sexual languages. On our pages, the stories of women, gender queer, and transgender artists, from different racial, political, and class backgrounds are written. We feel it is of absolute necessity to ensure that the physically real, non- digital, paper-between-the-fingers world of media offers a space for these communities to be heard, felt, and known. In addition, ArtXX maintains a commitment to media activism. That is, we recognize the need to redress the imbalance of traditional media, which exists as a central power that distributes information to its public, to instead create a non-hierarchical system of sharing, spreading, and archiving information. In the spirit of underground, alternative, and independent media, ArtXX is dedicated to recording our own histories, laying the groundwork for our own futures, believing in the power to unite its readership regardless of real and perceived borders, allowing for free-form discussion and critiques, and creating sustainability based on an interdependence with like-minded organizations, projects, and individuals. Through affiliations with activists and grassroots media outlets, we aim to create a system wherein there is an equal exchange between creative and political expressions, and, to that end, a bridge between, amongst, and through the cross-sections of these communities. We will forever believe in the power of art and media to make radical transformations in the lives of its audience, just as we will forever believe in the power of the audience to make radical impressions on art and media.