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Black Heart Magazine


WANTED: Literary rebels, outlaws, blackguards, liars and scoundrels! Black Heart Magazine - fiction that breaks the rules.

Bowery Women: Poems


What is your signature poem? This question was posed to 76 women poets who have delighted, inspired, and shocked audiences at New York City's Bowery Poetry Club. And so was born Bowery Women: Poems.

Deflowered: Stories of Virginity Lost by Women Who Live...


This is the online presence for Deflowered, a soon to be printed anthology of well-written and often darkly funny virginity lost stories written by the women who lived to tell. They are still accepting submissions, so if you have a compelling story that ...

dolores bulimic breakfast


d o l o r e s . is an ongoing work in progress, open to input of all sorts, and focusing on a dynamic interaction with her viewers and visitors. d o l o r e s . attempts to empower her readers through joyful participation in collective activism.

Gormglaith - banshee of Wrath ness


Radical lesbian separatist novel set in a plausible future with a witchy bent. This cult hit is free to read online or download.

Happy Insomniac


Past-your-bedtime fiction, essays, reviews, poetry, blogs--even haikus! We're accepting admissions...please visit our website for details.

Hey Dorothy You're Not in Kansas Anymore


In her fast-paced and funny first novel, Karen Mueller Bryson tells the story of a young womanís wild journey coming to terms with her fatherís sudden death. Hey Dorothy Youíre Not in Kansas Anymore is a delightful and engaging tale reminiscent of The Wiz ...

Language Is A Virus


Inspire your creativity & cure writer's block with toys, games, gizmoz & writing prompts.



A blog about multicultural books and authors, technology, and culture written by a feminist Latina, who happens to also be a social media strategist and a poet.

Lunatic Fringe - The Lesbian Werewolf Book by Allison M...


New author Allison Moon indulges the feminine wild by giving the classic werewolf myth a lesbian twist. Lexie Clarion’s first night at college, she falls in with a pack of radical feminist werewolf hunters. The next morning, she falls for a mysterious wom ...

My Delicate Slip Of Sunshine


Sometimes I write. In sepia. In quiet secrets. In your stereo. And sometimes I want to share it. And no matter what it is, I can feel it when I blink. With hope, it will be read on trains slicing fields of sunflowers, in rosebushes, on overpasses, in high ...

Rymellan Stories


A series of short stories about two lesbians who live in an alternate society.

Senior Women Web


A lifestyle magazine for women over fifty. Original content consists of articles, columns, cultural reviews, politics, a letters column, discussion board, daily sightings and annotated links.

The Art House


Bringing art and literature to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

The Hippie Hotel


An animated site with original artwork, built to promote the novel, My Not-So-Terrible Time at the Hippie Hotel.

The New Yinzer


The New Yinzer is a magazine hell-bent on promoting Pittsburgh's culture through good stories and fine writing.

the novelette


Have you ever wanted to run away from your life? Enter the world of Kitty Walker and three other women who decided they'd had enough.

The Oracular Tree


for down to earth space case geerrrls of all ages and persuasions, lit, mysticism, eroticism, frank opinions, and simply gorgeous art.