Orgasm Inc. Set for Wide Release!

Orgasm Inc., which we reviewed in our October/November issue, is gearing up for its wide release! Awesome!

Hilarious and shocking at the same time, we are all too excited for this important documentary to be released. Orgasm Inc. will be in New York Theaters on February 11th, and April 1st in Los Angeles.

You can read more about the film at the official website, here.

Here is the original review back from 2010.

Orgasm Inc.Directed By Liz Canner 
(Astrea Media, Inc.)
Medical professionals have long been on a quest to find cures for women’s numerous sexual “dysfunctions,” and documentary filmmaker Liz Canner knows this crusade all too well. A pharmaceutical company had hired her to edit erotic videos that were to accompany drug trials for a cream meant to increase orgasms in women, and Canner jumped at the opportunity to chronicle our culture’s newest medical craze: the creation of something like Viagra for women. Big Pharma’s race for FDA approval of remedies designed to combat female sexual dissatisfaction has been extensive. And nearly a decade after she started shooting, Canner has completed an excellent historical record of their pursuit, investigating fully this new business of labeling and curing the alleged sexual dysfunctions that plague Western women.
The scope of the doc is wide. Interviews with the folks who produce these drugs and devices—one is called the Orgasmatron—are staggered between visits to the offices of doctors, psychologists, sex-toy retailers, and health-care professionals who oppose the medicalization of women’s sexuality. Women who believe they are afflicted with dysfunction have their say too, and all these elements come together to reveal just how Victorian our orgasm mania really is.  
Throughout the film, Canner retains a good sense of humor, frequently having a laugh with her subjects, but she doesn’t sugarcoat how problematic she believes this business to be. She challenges viewers to think historically about the question of sexual dysfunction and dares to ask, What might really be preventing women from orgasming? Look for campus tours and screenings of this endearing, sex-positive flick in your area at OrgasmInc.org. [Anna Bean]

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