Oh Julian, You're My Boy Du Jour

Oh Julian Casablancas, I am so incredibly happy/giddy/gaga that you have decided to take a break from The Strokes and give your sexy drawl a space of its own.

Casablancas just released his first solo album last week and word on the street is that this new work, Phrazes For The Young, is pretty nifty. I've already listened to the first single, '11th Dimension' and yowzas, this song is my new obsession. I could never understand it when people could listen to a song on repeat for hours but now I finally get it. This single is not like anything I expected from him (a dirty rock sound reminiscent of the 70s), but instead a synth-heavy pop-ish piece worthy of my attention.

Thank you, Julian, for reawakening my interest in you. My only wish, if you'd be so obliged, was that you'd be playing here in New York City for four performances instead of in LA. You lucky, LA folks!

Be sure to check out Casablancas' website for the latest tour info and so forth!

Photo courtesy of Julian Casablancas' Myspace Page

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