Here's a list of our most frequently asked questions about the BUST Holiday Craftacular. Please read thoroughly before filling out our application!

What is the BUST Holiday Craftacular? 

From knitwear and jewelry to home décor and specialty foods, the BUST Holiday Craftacular is the one-stop shop for the very best in handmade gifts and wares. Now in our 11th year, we are bringing 200+ crafters, vintage sellers, and food artisans together for a two-day shopping, eating, and DIY-ing extravaganza in the heart of Brooklyn’s hip and historic Greenpoint ‘hood.

When and where does the BUST Holiday Craftacular - Brooklyn take place?

The BUST Holiday Craftacular will take place indoors at the Brooklyn Expo Center, 72 Noble Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222. It will be open to the public on Saturday, December 10th and Sunday, December 11th from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM each day.


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Important Dates for Vendors:

Monday, June 20, 2016 – Applications Open at 10% Off
Monday, July 4, 2016 – Discount period ends (midnight)
Thursday, October 27, 2016– Applications close (midnight)*

*Applications have been extended to November 3, 2016. If you have applied before the original deadline, you will still receive your acceptance letter on November 3rd!

Thursday, November 3, 2016 – Applicants notified of acceptance decision
Tuesday, November8, 2016 – 100% refund period ends (midnight)
Thursday, November 10, 2016 – Vendors who were not accepted/withdrawn will be refunded on this date
Wednesday, November 23, 2016 – Vendor placements made
Saturday, November 26, 2016 – 50% refund period ends (midnight)
Monday, November 28, 2016 – Vendors who were not accepted/withdrawn will be refunded on this date.
Saturday, December 10, 2016 – BUST Craftacular | Holiday

*Occasionally BUST will accept applications after the official close date. Acceptance of late applications is not guaranteed and vendors who apply during the official vendor call will receive preferred placement. If you choose to enter a late application, you will remain subject to the refund periods. If you submit an application after the refund period, you must notify BUST in writing within 3 days of your application date.

How do I apply to be a vendor? 

Apply here (but make sure you read this FAQ first!).


What kind of vendors do you accept?

We’re looking for any and all edible/wearable/loveable/handcrafted/one-of-a-kind items and foods you’ve got. They include but are not limited to specialty foods, silk-screened items, cosmetics, knitwear, jewelry, paper goods, handbags, cards, unique vintage items, and more!

BUST accepts vendors who offer handmade or small run crafts and products. Businesses who resell handmade crafts from other artisans or who have distribution in more than one state will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Larger companies who wish to participate in the BUST Craftacular should consider getting involved through sponsorship. Corporate organizations such as CPG brands, financial services, apps, education brands or similar should contact Jules Abraham to build a partnership arrangement. This includes artists collectives, incubators or similar. Please note that brands who do not contact the BUST team may be subject to application rejection.

Non-profit organizations are welcome to join the BUST Craftacular and apply as a standard vendor. We encourage you to contact craftacular@bust.com to discover how BUST can help you reach your awareness or fundraising goals as part of an activation.

Vendors will be juried by BUST Craftacular staff on the basis of quality and uniqueness of their wares. Due to space limitations, we cannot accept all vendors. Vendors who are not accepted due to space limitations will continue to be invited to future events.

The Jurying Committee consists of BUST Magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Debbie Stoller, Creative Director, Laurie Henzel, and Events Manager, Jules Abraham as well as the seasonal events staff.

We are accepting vendors from the following categories for this particular event:

Bath and Body
Cards and Stationery
Food/Drink (pre-packaged)
Food/Drink (prepared/hot)
Hair care
Handmade clothing and accessories (both men’s and women’s)
Hats and headwear
Lingerie (handmade and vintage)
Nail care
Original Art
Prints and Paper Goods
Vintage clothing and accessories (both men’s and women’s)
Vintage patterns and sewing supplies
Vintage vinyl and tapes

If you have any questions about whether your products are a fit for BUST Holiday Craftactular, please email the Craftacular team (craftacular@bust.com).

Can I share a booth with another vendor?

Yes. If you already know the person you'd like to share with, please indicate their name on the application form. If you would like to share a booth but don’t have a partner in mind, the BUST  Craftacular team will match you up. All vendors must apply separately and provide individual permits; each vendor will be juried individually. We will attempt to accommodate shares as best as possible but this is not a guarantee. 

What are the booth/table fees? What are the dimensions of a booth space?

A full booth is a 6' x 6' space on the main floor of the Brooklyn Expo; this includes a 6' x 30" table and two chairs within the booth space, as well as one wi-fi passcode and access to a standard electrical outlet. Booths are not curtained. Vendors are expected to bring their own extension cords, table top lighting (if desired), and a backup payment system. BUST will provide all tables and chairs, though you are welcome to bring racks or other display setups if you prefer.  All displays must fit within this 6’ x 6’ space or a 6' x 12' space if you select a large booth.

If you are interested in purchasing additional booth space, please contact craftacular@bust.com after submitting your application. If you are sharing a booth, you will split the provided space and table with a partner. Note, shared vendors must apply separately. Only two representatives per accepted application will be permitted.

The fee breakdown is as follows:
• Large booth (6x12), both Saturday and Sunday: $1100
• Standard booth (6x6), both Saturday and Sunday: $550
• Standard booth (6x6), Saturday only or Sunday only: $300*
• Shared booth (3x6), both Saturday and Sunday: $300 (per vendor)*
• Shared booth, Saturday only or Sunday only: $225 (per vendor)*

In addition, all applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of $20.

You will be prompted to pay your booth fee via credit card or PayPal at the time of application. Your application will not be considered unless you have paid the booth fee in its entirety when you apply.

*Please note that there are many factors involved in granting a 1-day table. If you select this option, the BUST Craftacular will place vendors in available booths for their selected day in the order that they applied. Please be sure you are available for both show dates if you select this option as we cannot always accommodate a day preference.

BUST will not share non public contact information with vendors who are sharing tables, nor contact another vendor on your behalf. If you are sharing a table, please plan on using the table in your booth display so you do not disturb your boothmate.

 For examples of BUST Craftacular coverage and vendor testimonials, see here.


What are 'Premium' Booth options?
BUST considers any corner booth closest to the entrance side of the layout, any booth located in the first vendor row by the entrance, or any booth in a row whereby attendees must pass the booth in order to enter a new vendor row a Premium space. If you select a Large sized booth, YOU MUST select the ($200) Large Premium booth option. This Large Premium booth gives you an entire end-cap of a vendor row. There are a limited number of Premium booths subject to the determination of the Fire Marshall. If you elect a premium booth space when you apply and BUST is unable to provide you with one due to space limitations, the fee paid for the premium booth option will be refunded to you before the show date. Alternatively, if you select a Premium booth space and wish to downgrade your space, you must do so before the refund dates listed in this FAQ. No refunds will be provided for downgrades beyond the Saturday, November 26 50% refund date.

Is electricity provided?
Yes, but please bring your own extension cords. 

Is wi-fi provided?

Yes—you will receive an access code for one device. Please note that though we will have tech staff on hand, wi-fi glitches can happen—especially with over 200 vendors using the network at the same time. Please come prepared with low-tech payment and display alternatives!

What if I have to drop out of the BUST Craftacular? What is your refund policy?
Full refunds of booth price less the application fee ($20) will be available if we are notified before Thursday, November 10, 2016

Refunds of 50% of booth price are available if we are notified before Saturday, November 26, 2016.

After November 26, we will not be able to refund your fee.
All refunds will be issued less a $20 non-refundable jurying fee. This fee covers the administrative costs of jurying the hundreds of applications we receive for each BUST Craftacular.

Can I leave my items at the venue overnight?
Yes, you can leave your items and display setups at the venue overnight if you wish. Although the venue will be secure, we recommend that you take any cash or valuables with you. BUST Magazine and Brooklyn Expo Center are not responsible for any items you choose to leave overnight.

Do I need a vendor’s permit?
New York State requires a Certificate of Authority (COA) for all vendors who accept cash transactions. (This certificate shows that you are legally able to collect sales tax.) If you are selling prepared or packaged food, you need a valid Food Protection Certificate in addition to the COA.
BUST requires that vendors have their COA in hand a week before the Craftacular. If you do not already have it, we highly recommend applying for it the week of October 7th, as this process can take several weeks. If you have any questions about the certificate or the application process, please refer to the How to Register for New York State Certificate of Authority website. Due to the volume of questions regarding the BUST Holiday Craftacular, please check NYS’s website first before contacting craftacular@bust.com with any additional inquiries.

How will the BUST Craftacular be promoted?
The BUST Craftacular contracts a private PR firm for each event to gain coverage from local news outlets. BUST will also tap sister publications, celebrities and press contacts for coverage. BUST's team will appear for television and radio spots when available to promote the event.

In addition, BUST conducts the following advertising programs:

  • Paid advertising campaigns on craft websites, local press outlets, and social advertising platforms
  • Postcards/poster distribution
  • Emails to local and national mailing lists (70K subscribers)
  • Eticketing sites
  • Promotion on bust.com (both banner ads and advertorials) and in BUST Magazine
  • Social media (Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr)

Vendors and supporters are also encouraged to use ad units listed on the 'Promote' page to help advertise the event. We also LOVE for our talented vendors and fans to post to the event Facebook page or use hashtag #bustcraftacular.

 For examples of BUST Craftacular coverage and vendor testimonials, see here.


What kinds of information will be listed on the BUST  Craftacular website?
In addition to the online vendor application and FAQs, the BUST Craftacular website will list all participating vendors with a link to their company website. Additionally, BUST may list any social media pages you provide, your company description, and photos of products chosen by the jury committee from your website. You will be asked for these materials when you apply.
Company logos should be 125 pixels wide x 125 pixels tall. They can animate, but cannot be in Flash format. All banners must be under 50k and in .jpg or .gif format. Please provide the full link to social media profiles. Photos must be 300x200 pixels, in .jpg or .gif format and under 200K. 
PDFs, Word documents, .eps, .tif, and any other file that does not meet these size and format requirements will not be posted on BUST.com. BUST will try to make accommodations  for vendors who do not submit web-ready materials as requested, however accommodations are at the team's discretion and it is each vendor's responsibility to provide the correct materials.

Do shoppers need to purchase a ticket for the BUST Holiday Craftacular?
Yes. Admission is $3 at the door.

How can I help?
We welcome all volunteers wanting to help spread the word on the BUST Craftacular. Please email Jules Abraham, BUST Events & Promotions Manager, at craftacular@bust.com to get involved; also, check out the Promote Page to download web-ready promotional images.

I'd like to promote my brand or product at the BUST  Craftacular. How can I do that?
We're always looking for like-minded companies to participate as sponsors in the BUST Craftacular. If you'd like information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jules Abraham (craftacular@bust.com) and Maggie Tam Clark (maggietamclark@bust.com).

Discount Codes

From time to time, BUST will offer discount codes to vendors. Please be sure to copy the discount codes exactly, we cannot accommodate you if you are unable to use the correct discount code. Also, note that codes expire at 12:01 midnight on the date mentioned. So for example, if the expiration is stated as 9/1 the code will be active throughout 8/31 up until 12:01 AM on 9/1. We cannot accommodate a discount if you miss the active window.


Vendor Conduct at Events

Vendors are expected to act courteously and professionally towards attendees, BUST Staff, venue staff and other vendors. Vendors are also expected to comply with all laws as well as venue rules and regulations. Non-compliance may result in event ejection without refund. Come prepared to sell your products for the entire duration of the event. Vendors who are no-shows, leave before the end of the event or are disruptive may not be allowed to participate in subsequent events. Vendors are expected to make their best effort to create a successful event and to work with Event Producers amicably to do so.


Unforeseeable Events

The BUST staff is committed to producing a successful event for all involved. However, occasionally, events beyond our control may occur. This includes, but is not limited to, undesirable weather conditions, sunshine, 3rd party vendor failures, and much more. BUST is also not responsible for vendor's personal belongings, goods, sales, or vehicles. BUST will commit to delivering a venue for the sale of goods, table and advertising as described above. BUST also tries to provide reasonable accommodations to vendors in order to create a successful event but is not always able to make such accommodations. Refunds will not be issued for unforeseeable events and BUST highly recommends vendors consider the risks involved in participating in a live event before committing funds.