New Pants Beg the Question: Does Anybody Eat at a Table Anymore?

I can't say I never eat at a table because sometimes I go to restaurants. But at home I'm eating in my bed or on the couch because my kitchen table is the place where mail goes to get lost. Just last night I decided when I win the MegaMillions and become a half-billionaire, I'm going to get a custom made mattress that has cup holders built in. But in the slight off-chance that I don't win the lottery, I think I'll buy a pair of these Pic Nic Pants from Italian design company Acquacalda. 


They look like harem pants and IKEA had a weird, European pant baby. When you sit down cross-legged, the material is pulled taut forming a flat surface to eat off of. When you stand up, you have a nice grey trapezoid between your legs. They even come with a cup holder! I love them!!!!

Image source BuzzFeed

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