New Game Teaches Girls How to Masturbate

Coming (ha) to an iPhone near you: a new game that teaches females how to masturbate. Just like you’ve always wanted, but didn't know how to ask. The game, called HappyPlayTime, is an instructional journey to the world of female orgasm, and offers…playful diagrams to help you reach your destination. Cool? 

The goal of it is to smash the negative cultural stigma that frowns upon female masturbation, ‘cause you know, we’re all supposed to be delicate little flowers without desires and what-not. And I guess that’s a sex-positive statement to make, I mean, I’m all for believing for the radical possibilities of pleasure…babe…

But also this is a little creepy, right? Like I totally respect that they’re trying to make female masturbation look playful and light-hearted, but I mean, they have a vagina mascot named Happy. When you go to the website you just see her dancing, and I kind of just never…want to have sex again…she just looks like a Pokemon, it’s wrong.

Also, I'd much rather have a game that taught men what to do with a vagina, but maybe that's just me...

Despite it all, I guess a mostly benign effort, trying to eliminate the shame and up the enjoyment of masturbation. And ladies, in the future, if you’re having trouble masturbating, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Buy a vibrator
  2. That’s it.

Original Article and Images via Kotaku.com

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