Meet Your New Favorite Horse: Fjord Horses Have the Bestest Hairdos!


Horse is woman’s best friend. There is something so magical about a horse; I will always remember my first horse show, the smell of de-tangler, and my pony’s perfectly stunning braids. The majestic, ethereal horse!

Since I have spent my entire life strictly following the beauty routine I learned from my horses (a hairbrush? what’s that?), I was thrilled to find out about some new horsie hairstyles. The Norwegian Fjord horse, a breed that’s been around for over four thousand years, has a great 'do. The Fjords' manes stick up like tasteful mohawks and typically have a natural black stripe down the middle. Cool, right?

Here are some looks our equine friends have been sporting lately. 








What do you think about these looks? Totally cute or over the top? Let us know in the comments section! 


Thanks to Horse Nation and Breyer Horses

Photos via Horse Nation and Breyer Horses

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