Neko Case, Kelly Hogan, and Ellie Kemper: The Sci-Fi Lady-Squad Dream Team That Will Rock Your World

I knew my day was going to be good when, immediately upon my arrival to work, I learned that I could spend three minutes and 44 seconds of my morning watching Kelly Hogan (A.K.A. Chewbacca) and Neko Case (a Princess Leia/Spock fusion) sing to me and Ellie Kemper about “a revolution to your hairless post-apocalyptic constitution”—a new vision of the future fueled by “girl power… an actual fuel source with zero carbon footprint.” 

In their hilarious new song “These Aren’t the Droids,” Case and Hogan critique teen fan-boy culture in sci-fi, singing that our vision of “the future was designed by teenage guys.”  The song is a part of a new comedy-music benefit album “2776: A Millenium of American Ass-Kickery,” whose total profits will go directly to OneKid OneWorld, a group working to promote education in Kenya and El Salvador.  The compilation features Patton Oswalt, Yo La Tengo, Ed Helms, Andrew W.K., Ira Glass, Aimee Mann, Reggie Watts, Will Forte, Margaret Cho, Ashanti, Will Arnett, Samantha Bee, Colbie Smulders, and many more.  

So check it out and give if you can! 

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Images courtesy of pitchfork.com and 2776.us.  

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