Nadine Shah Knows Your Pain

You know your secret dark place you go to in your mind that feels all comfy and shit despite the cold puddles of despair and dark hallways of longing? (Whoa, Mr. Dramatic.) You know you shouldn’t be lingering there, but like picking a scab or cracking your knuckles, the hurt is just too good. Nadine Shah’s new single “To Be a Young Man” from her forthcoming album Love Your Dum and Mad has received quite the bit of praise from the indie music Pressosphere and I say it is my leading “hang out in the dark on a sunny day” album of choice.

Nadine’s vocals channels some Siouxsie Sioux against a ponderous gothic psychadelia backdrop bringing curds of Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen to the surface. It’s not entirely made of black lipstick and dark musings though. It’s not Dead Can Dance. The moments of levity break like sunbeams though heavy clouds and dapple the emotional landscape with hope-like thoughts. Check out the new single and let us know which wrist you almost cut!

To Be A Young Man by nadineshah

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