Weepy EP

Weepy makes us weep for more.

With a name like Mt. St. Helen’s Vietnam Band, here’s hoping this Seattle five-piece doesn’t lose out on imminent success due to having a long, somewhat difficult-to-remember band name. That would be a damn shame, since their debut EP promises nothing short of awesomeness. Weepy, which hasn’t left my stereo since I pulled the CD out of its charming, handmade felt case, is an exuberant glimpse into what this mixed-gender group has to offer: no-fuss rock ‘n’ roll. Relying on indie-rock touchstones, like twitchy male vocals and weird tempo changes, the tracks are sprinkled with alternative-era guitar licks that go straight to the heart. Sparkling standout track “Who’s Asking” features renegade noodling that recalls J Mascis, while the elastic drone of “Cheer for Fate” is pure power pop. With only four three-minute songs, the EP seems like a rip-off, but that’s just because Weepy does exactly what it should—leave you anxiously wanting more.



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