Tears, Lies, And Alibis

On the heels of her excellent Dusty Springfield covers album, Just A Little Lovin’, Shelby Lynne returns with a set of acoustic guitar–based songs that give off similar breakup-record vibes to that of Joni Mitchell’s Blue.

“Why Didn’t You Call Me” has Springfield’s blue-eyed soul sound, but the remainder of the songs have an Americana feel to them. “Like a Fool” has Lynne begging her lover not to go; on the slow groove of “Alibi,” she’s not so forgiving as she waits for his return home. Love and life’s disillusionment come through on “Loser Dreamer” and the bluesy “Old #7,” on which Lynne’s voice is smooth like butter. Whatever sound she may be playing with, the ever-eclectic Lynne is a no-bullshit, shootin’-from-the-hip kind of chick who’ll always stand and deliver. Even if she’s slumming it just a little.