No Más

Summer parties on rooftops need soundtracks, and Javelins No Más is the perfect album to covet all season long.

Sounds of steel pans give these songs a distinctly tropical feel, and blips of electronic noises, toy chimes, and synths pepper all of the feel-good tracks. This debut from Brooklyn duo Tom Van Buskirk and George Langford takes you backward and forward in time with an ambient-pop feel one moment ("Dep") and an upbeat party vibe the next ("On It On It"). Creepy vocals overpower songs like "Oh! Centra," but the lyrics are dreamy and romantic, while the song still makes you want to bust a move. Here and there, 80s influences sneak in, giving this innovative sound a strangely nostalgic feel. So mix up a margarita, throw a warm-weather dance party, and pop No Más in your stereo, rooftop or not.