Minor Love

Though his career began as half of a duo that recorded a song called "Who's Got the Crack," former Moldy Peach Adam Green's current incarnation is decidedly grown-up.

Minor Love, his sixth solo album, exists in the same universe as Leonard Cohen: austere and isolated, the sound of a lone man making noise. In truth, Green hosts some guest musicians as well, but the feel is unmistakably solitary. That's not to say it's a somber affair, as deadpan tracks like "Oh Shucks" put Green's baritone to work, singing lyrics like, "She's a bull dyke and she makes me come to life each time." The chorus of folky shuffle "Castles and Tassels" rhymes the title with "flatulent assholes," and the vaguely flamenco-accented "Goblin" bounces along like a lower-key Jonathan Richman, telling a tale of a cartoonishly difficult woman. Minor Love fits its title: the album's willfully slight but entirely likable.



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