Love 2

Air’s special brand of electro-cool heats things up in the sexy, spacey Love 2.

With more than a
decade in the game,
sensual French duo Air has done more to boost the birth rate than all the ruptured condoms in Pennsylvania combined. Toggling between electronic pop and psychedelic yacht-rock as smooth as an opening line at a bar, Air can sometimes be too opaque and lightweight for full-on eroticism. But those concerns evaporate on Love 2, the closest thing to a hormone-soaked greatest-hits collection since Moon Safari. Take your pick: “Sing Sang Sung” is sweet nectar for neckin’, “Do the Joy” echoes their Floydian work on The Virgin Suicides soundtrack, and some titles (“Tropical Disease,” “Night Hunter,” “African Velvet”) are playful evocations of romantic adventures. Somewhere, Barry White is smiling, jealous, and just a bit turned on.