Kitty, Daisy and Lewis

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis take us way back with newfangled rockabilly tunes that June Cleaver could get down to.

Are you ready for something old-school? I mean, like, seriously old-school? Kitty, Daisy & Lewis—Londoner sibs ages 16, 21, and 19, respectively—joined powers with their mum and dad to create their self-titled debut, which features awesomely archaic instruments (a wheeze box and a squeeze box!) along with bongos, steel guitar, upright bass, and ukulele. This bluesy collection of covers and originals rekindles a classic, ’50s rock ‘n’ roll reminiscent of Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis. Every track is unrelentingly rhythmic and yields nonstop foot tapping. Original tracks composed by the family members themselves are my faves, such as the summer crooner “Swinging Hawaii” and “(Baby) Hold Me Tight,” complete with a xylophone that melts my pants. While the album is easy to appreciate, the recording itself doesn’t quite capture all the excitement of the music; I’d murder to see them live.