Peter Wolf Crier further demonstrates that there's something good happening in the Midwest, with local boys like Bon Iver, Andrew Bird, Gayngs, and Volcano Choir contributing, prolifically, some of indies loveliest music.

This Minneapolis duo, comprised of Peter Pisano and Brian Moen, rounds up their specific brand of lo-fi love songs on debut Inter-Be. Its temperate aesthetic is propelled by shambling rhythms that shuffle and plod as Pisano recounts nonspecific, late 20-something tales of love, their fallouts, and the ambiguous depression that follows, in his upper register. This is accessible, above-average music, mellow in mood but nonetheless resolute–good stuff for a Sunday morning. "Untitled 101," an up-tempo meditation on grace and hopeful courtship, is the best track, and its piano solo will give you goose bumps. There's no drama on Inter-Be. The music is even-keeled, pretty, sincere, and like many average Midwestern guys in and out of love, just really nice.



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