Further Expectations

Jarvis Cocker shows off his soulful, rock star swagger in the former Pulp frontman's release Further Complications.

To experience Jarvis Cocker live is to see what was once known as “star power,” a heavenly essence made obsolete by the American Idol set of current pop music. Fans of the former Pulp frontman will love Further Complications, an album that finally captures the larger-than-life stuff of a true soul man. There are so many flavors to savor here: “Homewrecker!” sounds like vintage Iggy and the Stooges in drag, “I Told You Twice (Leftovers)” is a Stax Records–era showstopper, and “Caucasian Blues” is a stomping romp featuring delightfully unhinged vocals. With recording ace Steve Albini in tow (who’s lent his studio chops to such varied artists as Nirvana and Joanna Newsom), this glammed-up collection is the most winning thing Cocker has produced since the nascent days of Pulp. In the fragmented state of the music industry today, we must cling to true talents like Jarvis Cocker with all our might.