Double Jointer

Golden Triangle's first full-length, Double Jointer, holds true to a raucous, stripped-down garage-rock aesthetic similar to kindred spirits the Vivian Girls, while kicking it up a notch with a '60s girl-group vibe.

Where their sound could devolve into lo-fi rock cliché, the six-piece Brooklyn band is inventive instead, and as a result delivers something always fun and highly addictive. “Cinco de Mayo” kicks things off with the song’s title chanted like a battle cry over noisy, messy rhythms; “Blood and Arrow” features swirling guitars reminiscent of Television’s “Marquee Moon” with a little Twilight Zone mixed in. The album crashes along through nine more tracks of furiousness, finally cascading into a psyched-out array of screeching guitars with “Arson Wells”—the perfect finale to an exhilarating, sometimes battering, experience. Golden Triangle is a band that obviously loves rock for all it is and delivers it here in its purest form.



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