Last time we checked in on Miss Eaves (AKA Shanthony Exum) she was rapping about everything from kitties to NPR. Now she’s teaming up with Surfing Leons in a brand new video, looking fiercer than ever. No, there's no Nyan Cats flying around behind her this time, but it's still pretty awesome.

With a backdrop that recalls a 40’s thriller and a backbeat that sounds like it was ripped out of an early 90’s arcade game, Miss Eaves raps hardcore about betrayal and revenge. And not only does she deliver rapid-fire lines with killer precision, but she looks totally glam and bad-ass. A chunk of the video is her pacing back and force with an axe, as blood seeps towards her stilettos in the most Hitchcockian way. Yikes. 

To sum it up, I wouldn’t ever lie to this lady. She does not even fuck around.

Watch the video for "Wicked Lie" below.