Zooey Deschanel’s daily existence is evidence enough that feminists can be feminine as hell and run the show, but if you wanted more proof, listen in: She & Him's newest release, "I Could've Been Your Girl," was directed by Deschanel herself.

“After seven years and four albums with She & Him, I figured it was about time I took a crack at making a video for a song I wrote,” she says of her directing debut.

Check it out:


The video is classic Zooey, navigating that liminal space between weird and cute in a perhaps predictable but undoubtedly enthralling way.

M. Ward sets the stage as he sits in a coffee shop, trying to read his paper in peace, when Zooey bounds in, dripping vintage glamour in a pink dress with soft blue petticoat. She croons sadly, “I could’ve been your girl,” as a cast back-up dancers creep in and join her in a charming retro number.

“The process was so much fun and gave me a chance to give a nod to some of my favorite ‘60’s musicals,” she wrote on her website, HelloGiggles. It shows!

“It doesn’t matter, I’ve just begun, and if you see me, just move on, cause we are free and never meant to be,” she sings with powerful gusto, all the while petting ducks and making wacky faces, her strength and cutesiness in perfect sync.

Wasn't it just a matter of time before Zooey nabbed that directing seat? This girl is on top, and people know it.

As her New Girl co-star Jake Johnson says: “Zooey doesn’t fuck around. She’s a great business person. For some reason it’s never talked about. They talk about how she’s quirky and sweet, and all that is true…[but] she’s the lead in a show she partially owns. I watch and learn a lot from her.”

And maybe that’s the joke subtly hidden in the video: as Zooey fumbles around, awkwardly interacting with a variety of props, her adorable smirk at the camera hints at exactly how much brilliant business acumen she possesses, and how much she knows it.

In her own immortal words, "I want to be a fucking feminist and wear a fucking Peter Pan collar. So fucking what?"


Photos via Google Images and Hello Giggles.

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