Bearing one of the cutest singer/songwriter names ever, England’s Little Boots stomps out her newest album, Nocturnes, with adorable results. Victoria Hesketh plays a bevy of instruments—most of them electric—and produces a positive, electropop care package containing a handful of gems, secured on all sides with fluffy, French vanilla filler. The emotional and whole-note driven “Motorway” opens Nocturnes, and is a great segue into the heart and “sole” of the album, “Confusion,” a multilayered, thought-provoking pop song. Conversely, “Broken Record” seems to have two left feet and might summon a push of the skip button, as its repetition recalls an actual broken record. You’ll also find a slower dance track, a couple of straight-up disco songs, and an array of party music. Regardless of how they fit, these Little Boots were made for shakin’ it, and that’s just what they’ll do.

Little Boots: Nocturnes, $16 (CD and digital download), littlebootsmusic.co.uk

By Whitney Dwire

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