Os Mutantes is Portuguese for fun. Okay, that may not be strictly true (it means The Mutants), but this 60s/70s band are so damn fun that Brazil should consider a definition change.

Re-emerging in 2009 after a 35-year hiatus (as you do), this six-piece group have been entertaining the globe with their psychedelic/tropicalismo rock. The band is releasing their tenth studio album Fool Metal Jacket on April 30th.

 The album is like a 45 minute long summer party in your ears. The title track sounds like when you get a hangover but your friends convince you to come out and party anyway. While ‘Look Out’ is a righteous tune designed to make you get your groove on, ‘Eu Descobri’ utilizes Esmeria Bulgari’s dreamy vocals to full effect and ‘Valse LSD’ provides a psychedelic yet soothing close to the album party.

These progressive rock legends will be following up the release of Fool Metal Jacket with a North American tour. Having seen them perform in Australia a few years ago, I can highly recommend going along if you live in that neck of the woods. Despite lead vocalist/guitarist Sergio Dias being in his late 60s, Os Mutantes may just be able to out-party you. Be prepared for some exhausting fun!

image courtesy of npr.org





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