Album Review: Pony Time | Go Find Your Own

Upon listening to Go Find Your Own, you would never guess that garage-rockers Pony Time are a two-piece. The Seattle duo, made up of bassist/guitarist/vocalist Luke Beetham and drummer Stacey Peck, seem to magically fill out their '80s-inspired sound to perfection and find themselves in a league of their own with this record. At first you might be bobbing your head, thinking, "Yeah okay, I can dig this. I'm into grunge-y shit." You're loving their reverb-filled vocals and the way they manage to makes punk rock?! (Yeah, they do that.) Then you get to their ode to riot grrrls everywhere, "Kathleen Hanna," with heavy riffs and a simple, yet infectious chorus. (Personal favorite line: "But it's all true, move it on back/ Girls to the front, boys to the back!") Annnnnd sold!



Beetham’s guitarwork is at its best on “Dr. Tanya Hamilton,” but his vocals get the most for their money on the title track. While he definitely creates a bratty voice of his own, Beetham reminds me of Johnny Rotten sans accent whether he likes it or not. While all of the tracks are no longer than three minutes, “Lesbian Mayor” is a strong punk song that features fuzzed-out guitar Peck’s impressively fast drumming.

One of the best things about Pony Time is that they make incredibly original rock ‘n’ roll, but never seem to take themselves too seriously. Go Find Your Own is a solid record chock-full of energetic, minimalistic songs that’ll make you shake at least some part of your body during your listen. Pick it up now from Per Se Records!

Photos via Pony Time’s Bandcamp and Emily Denton

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