My Bloody Valentine Releases LP After Twenty Years of Stasis

After a twenty year hiatus, My Bloody Valentine is back with a new album entitled m b v. The band had hinted at its impeding release for years, but the LP was only confirmed late last week. If you enjoyed Loveless, the band’s 1991 neo-psychedelic classic, then you are going to dig m b v. The tracks have the same distortion-heavy, slightly deranged sedation typical of the shoegaze scene they helped pioneer in the late eighties and early nineties. With that said, it's amazing that a sound two decades in the making can still sound so relevant and familiar.


The band's online store crashed immediately after they announced the album's release, and fans' determination to buy it shows just what over 21 years of foreplay can do.

To no one's surprise, m b v has quickly become a critical hit. I for one was seduced by the first blissful hint of distortion, but you should decide how you feel about m b v for yourself. You can download the digital copy or order a hard copy on their website, and the tracks are also available on Youtube.

Image via last.fm and videos via youtube.com

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