Bikini Kill/Le Tigre's Kathleen Hanna is Reviving The Julie Ruin

More great news on the Bikini Kill front, everyone!  Front lady Kathleen Hanna is reviving her project The Julie Ruin—and I am too stoked. Almost as stoked as I was when Bikini Kill told BUST about the launch of their very own record label, Bikini Kill Records, in the December/January issue.


It’s been over 14 years since the release of Julie Ruin’s only album in 1998 after the Bikini Kill break up. But then in 2010, Hanna and Bikini Kill bassist Kathi Wilcox resurrected The Julie Ruin at a show at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.

“We’re not really in a hurry. Every band I’ve been in has totally taken over my life. And I really want this to be something that stays enjoyable and doesn’t become very professional,” the lovely Kathleen Hanna said in an interview with AV Club last month.

Kathi Wilcox plays upright bass on the track "Just My Kind."

Consisting of Hanna, Wilcox, Sara Landeau, Carmine Covelli, and Kenny Mellman, The Julie Ruin is a band of super talented kids just having a good time while they jam out.

“We’re all having fun, and we enjoy each other a lot. When we get together, we can’t stop chitter-chattering. I would like that to continue for as long as possible,” said Hanna.

And the good news just keeps on comin’.  James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem worked on a track on the album called “Just My Kind,” which Hanna called a “desperate, pleading love song.”

“And we were all really excited about that, because we’re huge LCD Soundsystem fans.”

The new album is expected to come out this spring, and is currently in the mixing stage of production.  There was one slight problem, however, and what a nice problem to have from our perspective: they recorded too much material.  The Julie Ruin recorded a total of twenty songs, and there’s still more that Hanna wants to record.

By all means, Ms. Hanna, please make as much music as you’d like.

For more on Bikini Kill, check out “Queens of the Neighborhood” in the December/January issue of BUST Magazine.

 Photos via SaraLandeau.blogspot, TheJulieRuin.com, Pitchfork


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