Jumping seamlessly from style to style and interweaving elements from garage rock, ’60s girl groups, and cabaret, the music of Austin-based duo Agent Ribbons is hard to classify. On Let Them Talk, the band takes a lighter turn than on its past two full-lengths and embraces the whimsical side of its twisted-fairytale style. Opener “Family Haircut” begins with ethereal “oohs” sung over ominous drums, but soon enough, the pace picks up while frontwoman Natalie Gordon sings, “A restless heart is like a satellite.” Like most of the songs on the EP, the track doesn’t adhere to standard pop-song structures and so meanders along pleasantly. On the bonus cut “Fucked Up,” Gordon shows off her impressive vocal range, evoking the retro-country twang of Patsy Cline and the affected drama of the Shangri-Las, only to conclude with a bout of spirited yodeling. With its ceaseless energy, limitless talent, and irresistible joy, Let Them Talk is an auditory antidepressant.

Agent Ribbons | Let Them Talk, $4.95, itunes.com

By Adrienne Urbanski

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