Oh man, I miss the Cramps! Thanks to an intrepid tweeter over at @thingsfromhere, I was reminded that way back in 2004 we ran a little piece in BUST where we asked the Cramps' Lux Interior and Poison Ivy to make us a Christmas Mix tape. They called it Black Christmas, natch. It's full of early Rock n Roll gems like Christmas in jail, by the Youngsters, and Don't believe in Christmas by the Sonics. Here is a link to it, with the MP3s - Enjoy!

Sadly we lost Lux a few years ago, but I'm sure he's rocking out in that great big mental institution in the sky!

Here's a great interview from 1990 with Ivy and Lux in their LA home. 

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qDq8CGZr8o 425x344]