We all know that Peaches likes to get down and dirty, but in this music video "Mud" she's literally getting drenched in dirty water, mud and other crazy gross stuff. Most of the music video features Peaches with mud flying at her face, and when Peaches isn't being barraged by debris, muddy dancers booty shake to the synth heavy beat. Apparently the mud they used for the video, was actually fertilizer. Peaches tells Spinner.com about her collaboration with visual artist and musician Vice Cooler:"Vice bought fertilizer to use as mud. I knew it was fertilizer but when they started dumping it on me, it smelt like, well, s---, because that is of course what it was. I really tried not to react, but the smell was so strong. You can see me react to the smell although I tried so hard not to. It was quiet a surreal moment. What we do for art!"

So, go watch Peaches get poop flung at her! It's pretty rad.