If You Post It Online It's Not Really A Secret Anymore

metric-band.jpgEveryone has that one friend who knows way too much about music. You know who I mean (if you don't, then maybe you are that friend). They are always the ones who have an iPod full of bands you've never heard of, they tell you who you might like (and are usually right) and let you know what concerts you just need to go to. They take one looks at your music collection and, stifling their snobbish laughter, tell you exactly who your next favorite band will be. They're like the Genius Playlist of real people.

Why not skip the middle man altogether, then, and have your favorite bands tell you who you should be listening to? That's what happens on My Secret Playlist. Artists compile lists of their 8 favorite songs of the moment and tell you why they are awesome. So far the site has lists from artists like Metric, Katy Perry and Better than Ezra, just so you can try and be as cool as your favorite band. Rock on.

Who would be on your secret playlist? -Liza

(photo of Metric via www.lostateminor.com)


Tags: Music Stuff
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