Zoe Saldana Defends Britney Spears #GirlPower4Eva

Zoe Saldana was recently a guest on Watch What Happens: Live with Andy Cohen, when a viewer called in and asked (in a very judgmental tone I might add), what Zoe thought of Britney Spear’s show in Vegas, and if she heard her song that was recently released without autotune (which I will not link to because that is irrelevant). And Zoey handled it like the ultimate sweetie-pie homegirl we know she is.


If you don’t remember, Zoe, Britney and Taryn Manning starred in the 2002 film Crossroads about three former best friends who reunite to go on a road trip across the country to Los Angeles, California where they learn about the world, about each other and of course, themselves *cue Britney Spear’s song “Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.”*

While this movie got pretty horrible reviews and was basically the start and end of Britney Spear’s acting career (which still depresses me to this day), it has become a cult classic amongst millennials, and to hear how highly Zoe still thinks of Britney warms my teen-girl heart.

Britney Spears has been mercilessly attacked in the media lately, and to hear that the kindness and warmness that Britney seems to generate is as genuine as I thought it was, makes me even happier.

Also, I wanna briefly touch on one more thing, when Zoe said “Well, that’s mean” talking about Britney’s songs getting leaked without auto tune, I couldn’t agree more. I find it ironic that there are countless CNN news articles about how kids are bullies and how it’s a serious problem in our schools across the nation, yet some “journalists” (aka gossip mongers), continue to spout out negativity and bully celebrities, who — yes — are people too!

And while I’m sure many famous people don’t care, or don’t bother to Google themselves, that sort of language and behavior gets absorbed into our subconscious. We need more public figures like Zoe Saldana and Britney Spears supporting each other to remind us to be kind and support each other no matter what, just like former fictional BFF’s should. 


Photo Credit: Dailymail

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