Street Eaters Mine Post-Punk's Golden Era For Inspiration In Latest LP

Street Eaters named their second record more than appropriately. Blood/Muscles/Bones channels the raw approach to rock 'n' roll once taken by '70s and '80s innovators such as Wipers, Gang of Four, and X. On "Reverse" a combination of driving drumbeats and evil guitar riffs get the fuse lit with a perfect two-and-a-half minute burst of fiery punk rock. "Null" follows suit, channeling the aforementioned Los Angeles punk band with trade-off male/female sing-chanting. "Empty Rooms " has some of the most badass drumming on the albums, and is one of the highlights of the album's slow-burn second half. Blood/Muscles/Bones is a welcome return to the weird era between punk and new wave. -Luke Manning


Blood/Muscles/Bones is out now via Nervous Intent!

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