Shut Down the Haters with Lily Allen's 'URL Badman

You know how straightwhiteboystexting.tumblr.com has become the perfect response to any and all Tinder creeps that demand nudes? Lily Allen has crafted the perfect equivalent to shutting down internet trolls.

Her new video for the song “URL Badman” literally had me laughing out loud and totally clicking with her descriptions of these goons. Not to mention, the song is catchy as hell.


Allen’s critique on the hypocrisy of internet hate is 100% clear and accurate, whereas the video “Hard Out Here” was met with much more confusion (racial objectification - not cool). The specific subset of trolls she focuses on in the video are privileged white boys with “good music taste”. Allen doesn’t even try to shy away, analyzing everything from their obsessions with fashion to rap culture (which inevitably leads to cultural appropriation.) 

At one point I had to seriously consider if Allen was reading my mind. I know so many young, almost-20 dudes that are obsessed with Pitchfork and “swag” who also think it’s okay to use racial slurs because “they aren’t racist” and “they love Schoolboy Q.” Um, NO.

And she's not proposing bullying these internet menaces - but perhaps just revealing their own hypocrisies. For example, they criticize others for trends, but obsessively follow them as well. 

So thank you, Lily Allen. You have provided any innocent internet user from all sorts of hate by giving them the best response: the link to this music video. 


Images via josepvinaixa.com, flavorwire.com

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