Whether or not you give Alanis Morissette credit for producing ballad after ballad for just about every emotion a person could feel, for overcoming a major eating disorder in her late teens and later promoting eating disorder awareness, for that one time where she hosted the Juno awards in a nude leotard to comment on the era of censorship in our post-nipplegate society, or for kissing Carrie Bradshaw, Alanis Morissette is simply a goddess. Her new video for track "Big Sur" beautifully reinforces this fact. 

When asked what my favorite Alanis song is, I shudder in disbelief. Do you really think I could pick just one song and refer to that one as my end-all-be-all favorite Alanis jam? That’s like asking Papa Von Trap to pick only one kid to bring over the Microsoft-99’-Desktop-screensaver looking Alps and leave the other six children in Nazi-infested Austria. I usually say “The entire Jagged Little Pill Acoustic album, but how dare you ask me such a difficult question, you Dave Coulier, you.”


Since first listen, I’ve always related to Alanis Morisette’s music, probably because her lyrics are intricately laced with gorgeous metaphors, paired with out-of-this-world vocals that could make anyone with some semblance of a soul cry buckets. Alanis can also restore your love for Canadian musicians (thanks a lot Justin Bieber.)

Since beginning her career at such a young age, Alanis has taken us on a life-long musical journey. We've been with her through the awkward teenage years, her battle with anorexia, break-ups that made us feel like our hearts too had fallen off a shelf, falling in love again and the joys of motherhood, all while articulating her feelings not only well, but beautifully.

She has just released a brand new music video for her single "Big Sur" as well as a limited-addition autographed vinyl for purchase. It is a gorgeous, methodical, intricate, delicate and raw way to thank her loyal fans. It is the musical personification of the Big Sur Mountains.


The song, while not exhibiting the strength of her vocal range, is a sweet little diddy about her love of Big Sur. The music video features shot after shot of the gorgeous landscape, Alanis driving with her hair in the wind, sun-flares and twirling on the beach. Honestly, I just want to braid her hair and be her best friend. 

There is clearly a difference between this single and her previous hits like “You Oughta Know” and “Right Through You,” but you have to remember, Alanis is different too. She’s a mother, she turned 40 a few days ago (Happy belated birthday you gorgeous angel, you!), she’s happy and she’s peaceful.

Alanis is particularly important to me since she lead the way for young feminists who want to create emotional music, explore their sexuality and don’t wanna hear it from music producers and the patriarchy. She's fought so hard for these issues for many years, not only as an artist but as a woman.

Seeing that she has achieved a virtual-nirvana in terms of her musical career and personal life, makes me elated beyond belief. If Alanis can get through all those rough and tough experiences, so can all of us, and if she’s doing this great at 40, then I’m very much looking forward to my future.  

Photo credit: Universal Music Canada/ complex mag Video c/o youtube

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