We all have our favorite children's show theme song – one we've committed to memory over the course of many Saturday mornings. One we used to know by heart, and could scream along to while munching sugary cereal in front of the TV. Some of my personal favorites: the theme for Magic School Bus (a classic), Pepper Ann (my lips are moving along to the lyrics as I link this), and the more recent The Weekenders (DRINK THAT FROSTY CHUG-A-FREEZE!). 


Though we associate most singalong songs with distant days on the school bus, certain AMAZING COVER ARTISTS are throwing the theme song back this Thursday. Postmodern Jukebox, a pop tunes cover band with fingers in jazz, doo-wop, and yes, kiddie TV songs have re-envisioned the "Ducktales" theme. Their version is pretty amazing, and you can check it out below. Says bandleader Scott Bradlee, of the group's pre-school and post- vision: "My goal with Postmodern Jukebox is to get my audience to think of songs not as rigid, ephemeral objects, but like malleable globs of silly putty." 

From the moment I hear "Racecars, lasers, aeroplanes," it's all over. My favorite part is the commitment to the performance, from the sassy lead singer and her dope tank top, to the smoldering gaze of the keyboard player. And yes, they are faithful to absolutely every part of the song. Here's the original so you can compare, in case it wasn't burned into your brain in the '90s. You can also tweet your theme song suggestions to @scottbradlee if you want to see that Pepper Ann cover happen as badly as I do.

Also, I would legitimately pay money to see someone dance to this cover, so you should link to a video of yourself doing that in the comments below. Pretty please?!

Image courtesy of Change.org



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