Scott Bradlee and Cristina Gatti came together to totally blow us away with a 1940’s swing cover of Beyonce’s "Drunk in Love". This cover is literally a combo of everything that rules: mega-babe musicians, Beyoncé, and lovely lilting tunes. Gatti’s alto voice is perfectly accentuated by big band jams and, man oh man, does it almost give Bey a run for her money. Can you grain it on that wood, swerve on it and serve all this while doing the jitterbug?

Gatti is seductive and radiates confidence while evoking a 1940s sense of class. The slow jams of Postmodern Jukebox perfectly compliment the original hit and Gatti’s voice. Also, it is reaaally refreshing to watch home girl belt it out while slowly swaying back and forth or shimmying instead of twerking. Also, I am so envious of the her perfect pin curls, red lips and vintage emerald dress. 


The best part is probably the sax and trombone fellas gettin’ down in the background. Check it out for yourself and feel free to attempt a sing-along, just know that these folks and Beyoncé are in a professional league of their own perfection.

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