Ah, I wish summer wasn’t over because Tangerine’s "Feel This Way" would’ve been my summer jam! It’s soft, relaxed, and makes me feel that every moment should be cherished. It’s a song that you could play at a party, or even put on a “chill-out/study” playlist (as a former college student, this was the biggest challenge of my life).

With dream-like shots of friends sitting in a park drinking sangria, to a crowd dancing to Tangerine playing, this song and video will make you feel at ease. And with lyrics like, “So hear me out/ It is a sweet, sweet thing to me/ Think about it/ Think about what we can be,” this song is perfect to play for that special someone.

Tangerine having a quick jam sesh in their video, “Feel This Way”

Clearly this band knows the way to my heart!

Tangerine is a Seattle, WA based band whose EP, “Radical Blossom,” is now out on Swoon Records. Interesting fact: The band’s singer, Marika, and drummer, Miro, are sisters! How “awesome blossom” is that?

I suggest you all check this band out on their Bandcamp, because they’re really good! But aside from that, “Feel This Way” is deffo a song to enjoy during any season!

You can watch Tangerine's new video below!

Thanks to YouTube and Bandcamp

Image via Tangerine