Janelle Monáe Slams Sexist Music Industry

Our latest Aug/Sept BUST cover star, Janelle Monáe, has a word or two for those sexists in the music industry.

In a recent interview with NMETV, the songstress gives her opinion on sexism in the music industry. Monáe talks about how the industry expects women to fit into a certain category and prescribes certain ways of dressing, behaving, and even singing. But our queen is not gonna stand for that, no way no how!


Monáe starts the interview by saying, “I absolutely have encountered sexism in the music industry. I don’t look at myself as a victim; I just think that some people aren’t taught any better…I think it’s up to us for women not to accept it.” 

While Monáe is known for her androgynous style, she explains that she does like to wear dresses and heels, like some people might expect her to. But, what’s brilliant about Monáe is that she uses her style as a way to redefine herself and ideas on femininity and to “rebel against sexism,” as she says. For Janelle, her unique style helps her create a personal statement about being what’s expected of her. Bottom line: this singer is bonafide autonomous!

She also says that she won’t allow herself to be oppressed or to be “controlled by anybody’s own belief system.” Monáe, who owns her own record label and is the creative director of her work, wants to have complete control over what she graciously puts out into the world.

When talking about how wonderful us ladies are, she says, “We are the matriarchs; we’re great communicators; we have intuition; we are people of peace, and we are to be respected.”

Janelle, we here at BUST know how strong you are. You truly are a show-stopping, feminist, soulful Q.U.E.E.N!

You can watch Monáe's NMETV interview below.

Thanks to NMETV, The Gloss, and Youtube

Photo via BUST and Alex Martinez

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