Dolly Parton Talks Miley Cyrus, Cancer Rumors, and Marriage


The queen of everything country, Dolly Parton, recently chatted with Alecia Davis of “Extra” and confronted issues she’s had to deal with her whole professional career: rumors and gossip. Parton is remarkably composed and eloquent when asked about the circulating whispers of an esophageal cancer scare, smiling and firmly stating, “I will not make comment on some story in a rag magazine! I’m fine!” And she certainly seems it, perfectly coiffed and totally at home in her Dollywood theme park.



Parton doesn’t stop at setting the record straight about rumors surrounding her own life, though. She comments on her friendships with Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus, and even dubs Miley, whom Parton has acted as a mentor to in the past, her "honorary goddaughter." She sticks up for Miley's right to decide how she wants to live her life and mature as woman; pointing out that there's no good that can come of being haunted by rumors about relationships, break-ups, and extracurricular activities. Dolly, it’s great to see such a mature, composed stance on the way contemporary culture attacks the romantic lives of female pop stars (give Miley, Tay Swift, and friends a break already!).  


Parton with the Cyrus family

How does Dolly explain her poise and calm demeanor? How has she, after more than 50 years of success, continued to deal with the scrutiny that comes with fame? Part of it might be her relationship with her husband of 47 years, Carl Dean. As she briefly touches on her marriage, it seems like the fact that her husband stays out of the spotlight has promoted strength and . Parton describes the romantic car rides the duo takes each weekend and shows how these aspects of "normal" life keep her grounded. Good for you, Dolly, for maintaining such a healthy perspective after all these years! Keep it up; we’ll be here, listening to Jolene on repeat.


Watch the interview below for more of Dolly's pearls of wisdom!

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