Fiona Apple Sings “I Know,” Cuts Own Hair in Video

Fiona Apple commands a certain level of crazy, but would you love her any other way?

This video of Apple posted by tourmate Blake Mills’ record label, Record Collection, shows her and Mills singing an acoustic cover of “I Know,” from 1999’s When the Pawn…, as a gaunt-ish Apple holds an unidentified elderly woman’s hand. Another, aptly titled “Untitled,” shows Apple cutting off her locks in front of a bathroom mirror while wearing a face mask and muttering to herself.


I wanna sound the loony alarm but, honestly, Apple has soundtracked enough of my own at-home haircuts that I have to give her a pass on this one.

We get so few public glimpses of Apple that when these bizarre gems arise from the bottom of the Internet, I can’t help but get all weird and mushy and homegirl-feely. Clearly, Apple seems as though she’s in a ‘weird place’ (read into the scare quotes what you will), but like … if you had her music in your head all the time, wouldn’t you go a little crazy too?

(Good crazy, obviously.)

Hopefully, as her U.S. tour continues this fall, we will be graced with more Apple ephemera.

Watch the videos below, and let us know what you think about this new turn of Apple events!

Thanks to Stereogum, Vimeo

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